a septic tank with its lids uncovered in preparation of having the waste inside pumped out.

Traditional Septic System

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    Traditional septic systems are used by many people at home. They are an affordable way for you to take control of your wastewater and allow many people access to home appliances for the first time. So, if you have one on your property, you need to be doing all that you can to keep it operational and problem-free. Of course, for that to be the case, you need to keep up with septic tank pumping and cleaning needs. Every conventional system needs to be pumped and cleaned on a routine basis of roughly three to five years. Therefore, when you find that it is time to have yours emptied, make sure that you get in contact with us for help, at OKC Septic Tank Cleaning.

    Conventional System PumpingĀ 

    Our team are the regional experts when it comes to professional home septic system cleaning and pumping. We support countless local individuals and families with their septic needs, always providing an efficient and effective service. You can always count on us to fully pump out your tank, accounting for all liquids and solids. And you can trust that the wastewater will be disposed of in a responsible, environmentally conscious way, every time. So, come to us whenever you need to have your septic tank pumped and we can always promise you the utmost quality.

    Solid Waste RemovalĀ 

    Whenever we take on a traditional septic cleaning job, we always pay special attention to the solid materials. Given that they accumulate in the same tank, it is common for there to be waste left behind once pumping has been completed. So, we always follow up the job by pressure washing the interior of your tank, removing and dislodging all waste material from all sides, corners, and piping. That way, we can mitigate the possibility of any blockage and ensure that your system is going to get back to functioning optimally, for the years ahead.Ā 

    Grease Trap CleaningĀ 

    Additionally, if you happen to have a grease trap kit installed into your septic system, we will be able to take care of cleaning this, too. Be it for residential or commercial clients, we are always happy to handle grease trap kits as we understand the crucial role they play in conventional systems. Simply direct us to where yours is installed and we will make sure that all the waste oils are fully removed and properly disposed of.Ā 

    Ā Low PricesĀ 

    When you come to us for your traditional septic system cleaning solutions, you can always expect to be delivered exemplary standards of quality. However, we understand that this is not always the primary concern of our clients. For many, the ideal cleaning service must have the lowest price. We understand this and that is why we are proud to pledge our commitment to offering our services at the most affordable rates anywhere in the region. With us, you can always assure yourself of the best cleaning solutions, without it needing to break your budget.Ā