Top 10 Septic System Pumping Companies in Oklahoma

Are you thinking of skipping your scheduled septic tank pumping? Worse, are you thinking of calling your neighbor who claimed to know about septic tanks?

If your answer is yes, then please take the time to think things through. Trust us. You don’t want to do something you’ll regret.

So, what are the possible outcomes of not pumping your tank? If you don’t follow your septic tank pumping schedule, it could cause a lot of problems. For one, the solids will build up in there and decrease the holding capacity of the tank.

This could result in different scenarios. You wouldn’t want solids reaching the pipe that feeds into the drain field. Wastewater backing up into the house will also be a nightmare. These situations can be quite unhygienic and lead to costly repairs.

In this respect, it would help a lot if you knew how septic tank maintenance works. Moreover, you have to make sure that you only hire septic system specialists.

Heaven forbid you to think of doing things yourself! The last thing you want is to mess up your septic system. Read on and find out about your trusted septic system pumping companies in Oklahoma.

How Much Will A Septic System Pumping Cost?

A typical homeowner could end up paying between $250 to $500 for a septic system pumping. The average cost to clean or pump a septic tank is $408, but for huge tanks, it could reach up to $1,000 or more.

A bigger tank requires more work. This is why size is a factor in the price to pump your septic tank.

600 – 750 gallons can cost about $175 – $300. 

800 – 1,000 gallons can cost you $225 – $400.
1,250 – 1,500 gallons can cost about $275 – $500.
1,750 – more than 2,000 gallons can cost you $325 – $600 or more.


Luckily, there are quite a few ways you can save some cash. You can expect a bit of excavation during a visit from the septic system technician. By preparing the area, they might deduct this labor cost from your bill. This is also a good idea if the company you picked charges by the hour.

Some pumping companies charge by the hour. Other companies will charge a flat fee. If this is the case, you can skip the shoveling. Make sure to be ready with additional fees in case there will be other work done aside from septic tank pumping.


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Pumping Companies in Oklahoma

As mentioned earlier, our advice is to pick only the experts to deal with your septic tank. Here are the top 11 pumping companies in Oklahoma you can trust with your septic system.

  1.  Red Dirt Septic

Red Dirt Septic offers a full range of services. If you need help with septic system installation and maintenance, they can be of assistance. They provide services for builders or individual homeowners. Their services are also available for commercial and residential clients.

Red Dirt Septic offers its customers warranty and service contracts. They also own and run their own fleet of service and pumping vehicles.

  1. Vets Septic Service And Shelters

Vets Septic Service and Shelters specialize in:

  • septic tanks cleaning
  • septic tank care
  • grease traps
  • lateral lines
  • lift stations

They also service storm shelters, as well as provide maintenance and inspection.

They are insured and have highly trained and qualified staff. They give complete septic service to both the commercial and private sectors. This company employs professionals who are prepared to make informed decisions for you. Furthermore, Vets is dead set on helping improve current environmental issues. 

  1. Aqua Plumbing Services

Aqua Plumbing Services claims to be a reputable plumbing company. Part of their promise is that you can rely on them in case of an emergency.

Aqua Plumbing Services is a family-owned business. They have been in the industry since 2005. Their services include 24-hour emergency service, water repiping, and sewers. They also provide service for water heaters, gas, and water lines. Aqua Plumbing Services is proud to be BBB Certified and offers a service warranty.

  1. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Oklahoma City

Mr. Rooter can help you with emergency plumbing issues. You can expect help for clogged drains, sewage backups as well as frozen pipes.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing claims that every customer’s particular demands are vital to them. Whether it’s a simple sink clog or a broken sewer line, their trained staff will take care of your plumbing issues. They don’t charge overtime charges.  They are available any time you need plumbing services nationwide. 

  1. Foster Septic Tank Cleaning

Foster Septic Tank Cleaning in Oklahoma is family-owned and operated. The business has been around since 1937. This gives them more than 80 years of experience. 

They specialize in:

  • septic installation
  • Inspection
  • Repairs
  • lateral line cleaning
  • chamber systems
  • new lateral lines

They also offer maintenance. Their qualified team of experts creates a septic system to match your exact needs, using precast concrete and 1,000 gallons.

To add, for less than half the cost of installing new lines, they may clean and repair old lateral lines as well. 

  1. Plumb-Tech Inc

Plumb-Tech Inc hires sub-contractors for digging ditches. The cost of services is determined by the job. You might also expect some travel charges.

This company is locally owned with more than 40 years of experience. They are proud to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau.

They offer services in plumbing, drainage, sewer repair. They also handle septic systems. They promise to give excellent customer service and to always be on time.

  1. Irwin Septic Tank Cleaning, Plumbing & Repair

Irwin’s Septic Tank Cleaning, Plumbing, and Repair LLC is family-owned. The company has been in this industry for almost 40 years. They offer septic tank pumping for both traditional and aerobic septic systems. They also include grease trap cleaning.

Their professionals strive to provide you with a trouble-free and odor-free experience. They promise you peace of mind by designing a tailored, cost-effective septic tank system. 

Irwin’s will clean and repair septic tanks for both residential and commercial customers. Irwin’s service area covers a 100-mile radius around the OKC metro area. They accept all major credit cards and have no overtime charge. 

  1. Biggs Backhoe & Trucking

Biggs Backhoe & Trucking installs storm shelters and septic systems. This company has more than 40 years of experience in the septic system industry. If you want people with experience, call Biggs, They have been in business since 1981. 

They can provide service for both aerobic systems and lateral lines systems. Their services are available for homebuilders and homeowners alike.

All of the new septic systems they installed in Oklahoma come with a two-year warranty. They ensure that the system is working properly by scheduling routine inspections. This will be scheduled every six months for the first two years. 

  1. Vip PlumbingOk

Vip PlumbingOk is a 3rd generation Plumbing service and repair company. They provide service for both residential and commercial. Their services include sewer, gas, drains, faucets, and fixtures.

They provide 24/7 service for emergency plumbing needs. They also offer same-day service throughout Oklahoma.

  1. OKC Septic Tank Cleaning

OKC Septic Tank Cleaning is Oklahoma’s leading septic tank cleaning and maintenance company. They provide septic services to both residential and commercial clients.

OKC Septic Tank Cleaning aims to deliver high-quality output for clients. They value high standards and ensure that every assignment is completed to your satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional septic system or an aerobic septic system.

OKC Septic Tank Cleaning is dedicated to providing a higher standard of service to clients. The company is ready to assist you with your septic system concern. Expect to receive effective and ecologically friendly services. You can count on OKC Septic Tank Cleaning to provide whatever assistance you require with a positive attitude. 

Services include septic tank cleaning, preventative maintenance, septic system inspection, and even emergency service.


One of the first things a septic tank specialist does when you contact them is to inspect the sludge and scum layers.

While doing so, the tank is most likely being checked for leaks. Ensure that your septic tank technician is up to date. So it’s a good idea to show them any past inspection records. They’ll know to keep the repairs up to date this way.

The specialist will be aware of the septic system’s previous maintenance. To add, even if cleaning isn’t required, it’s always a good idea to double-check.

Pumping out a septic tank might take up to five hours. The price structure of each company is determined by the experts you hire. Some Pumping Companies in Oklahoma charge by the hour. Other companies charge a set cost with additional charges.

What would you like to talk about next about septic tank maintenance and cleaning? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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